By Brilliant® | October 8, 2018

The new quarter is here. Do you know what hiring trends are in store for your profession? As we enter the final quarter of 2018, it’s important for businesses to assess what their hiring looks like for the remainder of the year, and beyond. The U.S. workforce is experiencing the lowest unemployment rate (3.7 percent) since 1969, producing the tightest, talent-driven labor market in almost 50 years.

Multiple sources are reporting record-breaking numbers of open positions and plans to hire for accounting, finance and information technology professionals, specifically. This is not surprising considering these professions are experiencing even lower unemployment numbers than the U.S. average – as if that’s even possible.

So, what does this all mean exactly?

Well, for starters, these professionals are so in demand that businesses are scrambling to fill their accounting, finance and IT teams with qualified individuals who have the appropriate expertise – not to mention culture fit and the like. In order for hiring managers to attract, hire and retain these sought-after professionals, they’re needing to be very competitive in wages, benefits and more.

Since this is such a relevant topic, I thought it would be valuable to share the findings of at least one of the recent studies – the Brilliant Accounting, Finance and IT Hiring Forecast – in quick and easy format. Therefore, take a look at the animated video short of the Top 5 Hiring Trends for Accounting, Finance and Information Technology Professionals in Q4 2018 below.

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