The Brilliant Way

When you join our team, you will immediately feel the engaged culture around you. Our team is built around passion and dedication to our candidates, clients and each other. From the moment you begin, we have a path of excellence for you with our training and development team.

We strive to provide an environment that is safe and comfortable for a strong work-life balance. From flexible PTO to Cub rooftops to road trips down the Florida coast, we work hard to ensure that every team member feels supported and encouraged to have a healthy balance between work and home commitments.

“We have a global mindset and believe in a diverse workplace. Our inclusive spirit allows our team members to experience a safe, comfortable and engaging environment that allows our team members to thrive and sparks innovation, productivity and success.”

— Jim Wong, CEO, Brilliant

Brilliant cares about YOU.

Nearly 80% of Brilliant’s team members rated the firm a 9 or 10 out of 10 in satisfaction resulting in an NPS of 80% (above the industry average of 57%). The average score was 9.2 (above the staffing average of 8.7).

For someone overseeing a large group of people, Amy's communication is a sight to behold. She responds timely, is almost always one step ahead of you, and she makes herself available whenever needed.
Matt goes above and beyond to answer any questions that I have regarding the recruiting process. He is professional, hard working, friendly and would be a great example for future recruiters hired at Brilliant.
Ashley is a great communicator and has always offered her help to not only internal employees but our external employees, as well. She is an absolute asset to our team here at Brilliant!
Teagan supports our entire division and is so organized and thorough in all she does. She performs duties that are above and beyond her everyday role. She is AMAZING, and I appreciate her so very much.
Laurie always goes above and beyond in what she does for Brilliant as a whole. She works harder than anyone I know and always puts others first. She is truly the best of the best.
MR Team
So, this is a general comment overall for the MR Team. In my time here, everyone within the group has shown a desire to work through issues, communicate and do whatever is necessary to move the business forward.
Jennifer stepped up when our team lacked leadership, took all the recruiters under her wing and started doing daily check-ins. Jen helps with training, prioritization and time management! She is awesome!
Laurie #2
Laurie is 150% focused on delivering results and doing everything she can do enrich the lives of every team member at Brilliant. She is incredibly responsive to any requests/needs at any hour of the day. She has a great passion for our people, our clients and our consultant community.
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Are you an expert sales or recruiting pro?

“I worked as a finance professional for more than a decade and leveraged that experience when I joined the Brilliant team. My success has stemmed from my technical experience as well as the talented individuals I work with every day. That’s why I enjoy coming to work.”

— Jim Giroux, Senior Client Solutions Director

Benefits our employees love:

Flexible PTO

Medical, Dental, Vision Benefits


Happy Hours

Social Events

Chairman's Club

Hybrid Options

Casual Dress Code

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We pursue excellence

Did you know that many of our team members are former accounting, finance and IT professionals? Who better to lead our recruiting and sales efforts than individuals who have been in your shoes!

We are proud of our partnerships

Our mission as a firm is to make people’s lives better — and that includes our candidates, clients and each other. We’re passionate about what we do. We work hard to meet and exceed our goals, we celebrate our successes and we have fun along the way!

We learn and grow

We keep each other engaged with friendly contests, regular group outings, team-building exercises, an annual Chairman's Club competition and more.

We strive to be part of something bigger

Our fast-paced culture is filled with innovation, passion, hard work, and most of all — compassion. That’s why we give back to our community on a regular basis as well.

Find a career at Brilliant

Are you an expert sales or recruiting pro?


We believe that your personal journey is just as important as your professional career. We have a formal onboarding, training and development program in BrilliantU that sets us apart from other firms. You will experience a warm welcome and a customized program plan tailored to your role and personalized goals. At varying intervals, we will work together to set objectives at pivotal points while you learn the ropes. We have a customized online learning tool that you will gain full access to as soon as you start. We know that our people are our strength, and we make sure to nurture our team at all times.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as self-regulation by a business to be socially accountable. This can be practiced in a multitude of ways. At Brilliant, our goal is to align our CSR efforts with our purpose, strategy and values.

As the world experiences change like never before, we have formalized our CSR platform so that we can accomplish as much as possible. We want to be sure our actions help our communities at large from an ethical, conscionable and dutiful perspective.

Our CSR Committee focuses on the following areas:

Environmental issues
Reducing our carbon footprint

Philanthropic initiatives
Giving back to our local communities

Diversity & Inclusion area

Making sure we advocate for vulnerable demographics and provide a safe and welcome environment for all those around us

To learn more about our CSR initiatives, contact

We have fun

We take time to meet in person for happy hours, sports events, lunches and other social activities.

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