By Jim Wong, CPA | January 20, 2014

Success is difficult to achieve. Let’s face it. The truth of the matter is that whether in life, or in business, no one is going to roll out that red carpet for you, or reward you with a gold star on the walk of fame.

You have to earn perks like that. And it’s not easy.

Being successful is not a done deal. You don’t ‘pass GO and get $200.00’. And no amount of fancy schooling will guarantee you a corner office.

No matter what degree you hold, from trades worker to corporate executive, if you’re successful it’s because you have worked your tail off, and made sacrifices to get there.

That said, even when you do make it to the top, you can’t rest on your laurels. If you’re the CEO, a competitor is probably figuring out ways to one-up your organization. If you’re the company accountant, on a daily basis you must provide value to the company, if not your role can be eliminated or you can be replaced.

The key to success is hard work. The key to staying successful is to remain humble. Remember, you’re still just a human being. And human beings at every level of the business world have faults and frailties, and must keep learning and growing to remain relevant.

That’s why this recent article in, by international business strategist and extreme athlete Dan Waldschmidt, resonated so deeply with us here at Brilliant.

While our goal is to help you succeed, the cold, hard facts are plain. You – and only you – can to do the real hard work success requires.

Waldschmidt lists “19 Hard Things You Have To Do To Be Successful” – we’re going to share our top ten “Hard Things” from the article with you.

  1. You have to make the call you’re afraid to make.
  2. You have to give more than you get in return right away.
  3. You have to care more about others than they care about you.
  4. You have to meet deadlines that are unreasonable and deliver results that are unparalleled.
  5. You have to make mistakes and look like an idiot.
  6. You have to lead when no one else is following you yet.
  7. You have to feel unsure and insecure when playing it safe seems smarter.
  8. You have to deliver results when making excuses is an option.
  9. You have to be accountable for your actions even when things go wrong.
  10. You have to keep moving towards where you want to be no matter what’s in front of you.

We hope these ten hard things help make you the best you can possibly be in the year ahead. And we’d love you to add any we’ve missed in the comments below.

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