Due to the rapidly changing times over the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to postpone the release of our Q2 2020 Hiring Forecast report.

We are going to resurvey participants later in the year when businesses return to normal function. We will continue to monitor the U.S. labor market and keep a pulse on how much businesses and working professionals have been affected by this global crisis.

In the meantime, Brilliant is here for you today, tomorrow and in the future. We are all in this trying time together. If you need any accounting, finance, tax, audit or technology resources to help bridge any gaps in your team or projects, please let us know. If you are looking for a new role, position or project, reach out to us as well.

Thank you for your partnership and we hope you, your families and teams remain healthy and safe.

If you wish to review the previous quarter's report, continue below.

New Brilliant™ Study Reports a High Number of Open Accounting, Finance and IT Roles in Q1 2020

Hiring plans remain robust, especially for contract accounting and finance positions

AS WE ENTER THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2020, it’s important to assess how businesses plan to kick off the new year and second decade of the new millennium. Despite a mixed economic outlook, the U.S. labor market remains rich as unemployment levels remain at historic lows. Top talent is in high demand, especially for accounting, finance and IT professionals, whose unemployment numbers are even lower. Overall, businesses are reporting an elevated number of open positions with robust plans to increase hiring for at least the next 12 months.

The Brilliant Q1 2020 Accounting, Finance and IT Hiring Forecast looks at important hiring trends and economic factors affecting the accounting, finance and IT professions. Close to 400 human resources professionals and hiring managers for accounting, finance and/or IT participated in the study between October 13, 2019, and November 10, 2019.

Last quarter, we saw 33% of businesses reporting unfilled positions in accounting and finance – and 28% reported openings in IT. The Q1 2020 hiring forecast data shows an increase in open accounting and finance roles, and no change in the number of open IT positions being reported.

About the Brilliant Accounting, Finance and Information Technology Hiring Forecast

Since 2012, Brilliant has been conducting a quarterly study on the hiring trends and economic factors impacting the accounting, finance and IT professions. Brilliant’s internal statisticians analyze data collected from human resources professionals and managers who are responsible for hiring accounting, finance and/or IT professionals throughout the Greater Chicago, South Florida and Dallas-Fort Worth labor markets on various factors related to their hiring plans for the coming quarter and beyond.