By Brilliant® | October 13, 2023

Now that we’ve officially entered Q4, it’s important to prepare a solid strategy for your year-end business objectives if you haven’t already.

Often, teams are running lean toward the end of the year with PTO, various leaves, holidays and even burnout. This could leave managers scrambling to wrap up financial reporting, audits, budgets, forecasts and other important projects.

As a result, many companies are in need of additional resources to meet key deadlines.

If you are an accounting, finance or IT manager (or any leader, for that matter), this is why you should consider alternative options for completing year-end goals now. Specifically, calling on contract professionals or consultants to bridge some of these gaps and positively impact the business.

Here at Brilliant®, we thought it was a great time to discuss how interim professionals can supplement much of your existing and future workload. Read on for 5 Reasons to Hire Contract Professionals for Year-end Projects.

1. Their expertise lies within the interim space. 

Career consultants or contract professionals thrive on the project-based model. They are experienced in short-term projects and can get things done quickly and efficiently. Consultants spend their work life moving from one priority to the next and are experts at assessing what needs to be implemented and executed to complete a task. They know they have a predetermined timeframe for the project and are exceptionally skilled at evaluating the needs, budget and process to get it done.

2. It’s quicker to get contract professionals onboard, especially if you use a staffing or consulting firm.

Often, contract professionals are quicker to onboard and get immersed into your business. And if you partner with a reputable staffing or consulting firm, it could be even faster. High-quality consultants regularly roll off projects and are ready to begin a new one as soon as the last one is complete. As such, these interim resources are equipped with the wherewithal to fit right into your team with little ramp-up time. Contrary to direct-hire professionals, who may take longer to onboard and train, contract professionals are used to the ‘gig’ mindset and can typically get right down to business.

3. Your team may be experiencing burnout.

With all the uncertainty surrounding the labor market and economy in recent years, coupled with multiple busy seasons for accounting and finance professionals throughout the year, professionals have much to balance with their personal and professional lives. Because of this, it is not uncommon for professionals to experience work fatigue. From work-life balance struggles to other stressors, even the toughest professionals have had their share of difficulties. Bringing on temporary resources to ease their load can do wonders for team morale. These extra hands can tackle essential tasks that will keep you on track for year-end and give your permanent team some breathing room.

4. Unemployed professionals are at the ready.

While the unemployment rate remains relatively low, there are professionals seeking work due to recent layoffs, furloughs or reductions in hours. Often, professionals may consider a contract assignment while interviewing for a permanent/direct-hire role. Further, as the workforce ages, some individuals opt for consulting opportunities before they officially enter retirement. These fractional professionals are often more mid-to-senior-level.

5. You can assess them for a permanent solution.

When you decide to employ contract professionals or consultants, you can evaluate their short- and long-term performance. While you may not be able to hire additional full-time professionals at the moment, you can look ahead to the new year. Testing out the talent and observing their work on temporary projects can ultimately help you decide if you want to hire them permanently. More experts will be ready for their next position or project as more businesses restructure or implement changes. Employing individuals on a contract basis first is a great way to transition them later to a more permanent role.

If you need year-end support, please contact us and a Brilliant team member will reach out to you as soon as possible.

What are some other reasons to start planning now and leveraging contract resources? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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