By Jim Wong, CPA | July 15, 2015

Summer is no time to be sluggish in your job search.

As we enter the midsummer months, the thought of looking for a job, switching jobs or being proactive in your career advancement in any capacity may not be top of mind. Most likely, you’re experiencing shorter office hours, colleagues and bosses are away on vacation, and you may be seemingly coasting until autumn hits. However, if you truly think businesses shut down and stop hiring just because the weather gets warm, you better think again.

Many companies continue to hire during the summer – in some cases at a rapid rate. Take my company for instance. We’ve added 30 percent more professionals to our team in the last six months, with almost half of the new team members being hired since the start of summer. I’d say the summer for us hasn’t slowed down at all. I know we’re not the only ones.

If you’ve been seriously contemplating a job change – whether you’re currently unemployed, recently graduated or are just looking for a new role – it’s imperative that you stay active in your search.

1. Network.

Summer is the perfect time to hit up those rooftop networking events and mingle with your peers, leaders and other like-minded professionals. You never know how one of those professional relationships can be the exact resource you need in your job search. Make sure to nurture those connections and stay in touch after the networking event. Our recruiters say that nearly 75 percent of job seekers land a job through someone they know. So in addition to professional relationships, it’s also important to let your personal network know that you’re seeking a new job. When you let your family and friends know that you’re looking for a new position, they can also keep an ear out and let you know about any fitting job opportunities they may find for you!

2. Have more than one resume.

Sometimes having vast experience can lend to having various areas of focus – and that’s OK. Since there are numerous accounting, finance and IT roles out there, it’s smart to break out your strengths by developing more than one resume. I’ve found that having three resumes is ideal. Each of the resumes should be tailored to your various talents and achievements, and therefore, will allow hiring managers to identify your strengths more easily. Most importantly, though, is your general resume – also known as your “bump on the street” resume, and is the one you should carry with you at all times. Whether that’s means having a hard copy in your briefcase or a digital copy on your smartphone, it’s essential to have an easily accessible resume ready at all times. While it might seem tedious to create more than one resume, it can be extremely beneficial to your specialized job searches in the long run.

3. Create an online movie trailer.

Much like a resume, LinkedIn is an opportunity to highlight your most significant responsibilities and accomplishments. Too often though, job seekers fail to include the important details and instead list out many small details. Or conversely, they forget to include enough information about their achievements. It’s about finding the right balance. In order to do so, think about it like this: LinkedIn and resumes are similar to movie trailers. Movie trailers showcase one minute of the most important details of the movie, but still leave viewers wanting more. That’s how your LinkedIn profile and resume should act as well.

4. Keep a schedule.

Just like any other task, your job search should have a set schedule. Whether you dedicate an hour a day, or an hour a week, it’s important to put structure around your job search. Add your resume building and online searches as appointments in your calendar. That way, you’re more likely to stick to them. Additionally, it may also steer you away from any laziness that could come during the soothing summer months.

5. Stay positive.

As long as you have a good attitude and are consistent in your job search, the chances of you finding what you desire in your next role are favorable. Positive thinking is healthy and that will shine through in your resume, interviews and your overall demeanor. So, smile and have a healthy attitude while you search for your dream role – good luck!

Although it can be easy to procrastinate on the job search in the summer months, remember that this time can be valuable for your career. Use the tips above to make your summer job search a success!

Have other summer job search tips to add? Comment below and let us know!

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