By Jim Wong, CPA | May 14, 2012

There are many factors that can attribute to hiring and employment peaks; factors such as economic trends, seasonality, month-end, year-end, audits, employee turnover, business growth, and relocations.

But the biggest trend in recent years is general slowdown or pickup in the U.S. and Global Economy has a direct relation to slowdown or uptick in hiring.

Before the Great Recession, companies that were profitable were hiring left and right, providing a boom of employment. But as it ended up, it was the individuals with less specific focus who were let go first. Since then, organizations have learned their lesson and are a lot more educated and targeted in the hiring process.

As the economy starts to improve, more demand comes from an increased trend for very specialized talent and companies are searching for talent so unique they are forced to work with recruiters who focus on certain industries.

To ensure you’re hiring the candidates that fit and meet the specialized criteria, Clear Focus Financial Search performs two types of services for accounting/finance direct hire searches:

  • Clear Focus offers searches for direct hire on a contingent basis. These searches will usually apply to salaries under approximately $110 to 150K and are offered to both private and public companies of all levels of revenue.
  • Clear Focus offers searches for direct hire on retainer offering retained searches at all levels of private companies in our target sector and will offer searches at levels below the CFO to public companies in our target sector.

OR To ensure you’re hiring the candidates that fit and meet the specialized criteria, Brilliant Financial Staffing performs the following core service:

  • Interim and project based accounting/finance needs. These occur due to sudden departures, spikes in business, leave of absences, internal project initiatives. Brilliant Financial Staffing also provides temporary to hire services for companies that want to minimize their risk of hiring the wrong candidate from a permanent basis, as well as avoid other risks (cost of insurance, unemployment, legal).

Economic trends effect employment and hiring demand. We provide help and alleviate the additional risk, resources, and time it would take an organization to find a reliable and capable employee to help overcome their unexpected challenges.

This article originally appeared on Clear Focus Financial Search.

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