By Jim Wong, CPA | June 12, 2012

When looking to expand your financial or accounting team, hiring someone comes down to time and money. If you don’t have the time but you have the money, recruiters are a great way to help fill positions.

Beyond that, there are five solid reasons to work with a specialized recruiting agency.

1. When hiring for executive positions. When looking to fill an executive position, it’s important to make sure you’re expanding beyond your own network. Recruiters are constantly networking with executives who might not even be looking to make a change but have a relationship built in case an opportunity might come along.

2. When hiring more than one person. If a company is looking to hire more than one person at a time, it makes more sense to use a third-party to do the initial screening and first interviews. Instead of inundating your current hiring staff, outsourcing the job can save money and time.

3. When looking for top tier candidates. Because recruiting firms specialize in certain industries, like we do in finance and accounting, strong relationships are developed with top quality prospects. It’s the recruiters’ job to weed out the weak and only present candidates who not only fit the qualifications but also have already been through the screening process.

4. When you would like an expert negotiator. Recruiting firms work when you need an expert negotiator. They want your company to succeed and know what the industry rates are, in terms of salary, benefits, and other competitive perks.

5. When you’re looking for a guarantee. If you’ve experienced new employees not working out in the past, work with a recruiter who guarantees a candidate’s placement. If, in the rare case an employee is not working out, work with an agency that offers 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

If your company is going through one of the five scenarios listed here, consider handing the job over to a recruiting specialist.


This article originally appeared on Clear Focus Financial Search.

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