By Jim Wong, CPA | January 6, 2014

Are you aware of the latest trends in job hunting, HR and recruiting in 2014? Some say the paper resume is on its way out. To be replaced by videos, portfolios, even info graphics.

That your network is more important than ever before. Some believe social media will make or break some job applicants. And that you might just ‘be interviewed’ via social media, long before you even realize there’s a job opening available.

Cross-functional abilities appear to be at the top of the list for most employers seeking new hires. Are you an analytical and strategic thinker? Marry those skills with the ability to network and talk shop and you’ll float to the top of the talent pool.

And don’t worry about moving in search of that perfect job. This Princeton study reveals Americans are less mobile these days, and more accepting of virtual work than ever before.

There are many more new trends expected for 2014, including those driven by the latest technology and resulting advances in the applications and tools we will be using. But one of the most interesting we’ve found is one called “The Year of the Employee”.

Writing recently for, corporate HR, talent management and leadership analyst Josh Bersin had this to say: “The war for talent is over, and the talent won… This year, for the first time in more than five years, employees are in charge. Companies have reduced costs, restructured, rationalized spending, and pushed people to work harder than ever. More than 60% of organizations tell us one of their top is dealing with “the overwhelmed employee.” This year the power will shift: high-performing employees will start to exert control. Top people with key skills (engineering, math, life sciences, energy) will be in short supply. Thanks to the US healthcare laws, people will feel more free to change jobs. And companies who can’t engage and attract Millennials will lose out.”

He also says that companies will “aggressively redesign their appraisal and evaluation programs to focus on coaching, development, continuous goal alignment, and recognition.”

Right now, one big change on the employee front is the desire for growth. Your best will want more, and your mid-range staff will want to be where the best used to sit. Career growth, opportunities for advancement, and junior team members clamoring for leadership positions will be the new normal.

While unemployment numbers may be slow to drop, the ‘fear’ seems to be gone. Employees still holding jobs will be less satisfied with the status quo, and will want meaningful, enjoyable and rewarding work. By focusing on learning this year, companies will be able to snag the best talent, and retain the top performers they already have.

As Bersin mentions, “Are your managers paid to ‘consume talent’ or ‘produce talent?’ Remember the best source of skills is within your own organization – if you cannot make internal mobility easy, good people will go elsewhere.”

The article referenced above is chock full of great look ahead information for employees and employers alike, who are curious about what’s ahead in hiring for 2014.

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