By Brilliant® | July 10, 2019

Summer is officially here, and the weather isn’t the only thing warming up these days—so is the job market. Unemployment numbers are low and the need for quality candidates is high. Making for a perfect time to heat up your job search.

Despite what some might think, July is a busy month for hiring. Just because more vacation time is being used around the office and some people may be working shorter hours, it does not mean that businesses stop needing individuals to join their teams, especially when it comes to accounting and finance.

So, if you’re in the market for a new role—no matter if you’re a new grad, mid-career or approaching retirement—make sure you remain active in your job search during these summer months.

You might find you actually have an advantage by doing so, simply because so many people don’t think it’s a viable time of year.

I usually discuss this topic every time summer rolls around because I find it so important. I even came across an article on the Muse that discusses exactly this. Therefore, I wanted to share a few tips with you. Read 7 Tips to Heat Up Your Job Search below.

1. Stay organized.
Like any major project, you need to have a plan and follow that plan. Create a spreadsheet for your job search. Include the names of the companies you wish to apply to along with the job titles. When you apply, indicate the date you apply for the role. Then, put a timeline around that plan so that you stay on track with your end goal. This will help keep you organized throughout the process.

2. Sign up to volunteer.
Summertime brings upon many volunteer opportunities from community cleanups to fun runs. Find a few events that you’re interested in and register to attend. This will help you build new skillsets and help you meet new people along the way. You never know what kind of connections you can make at many of these nonprofit events that can help you in the corporate world.

3. Use vacation time.
Vacation time is meant to be used. Therefore, take a couple of days off from your current role to either dedicate to your job search, or to interview with a company if you’ve gotten to that point. No need to sneak around while you’re in the middle of your job search. Take your dedicated paid time off, and if it gets approved by your manager, is perfectly acceptable.

4. Attend networking events.
The summertime brings many opportunities for networking. Say ‘yes’ when you get invited to something and be sure that you actually go. That will show that you are reliable. You should also seek out events to attend yourself. Whether there’s a rooftop social, a happy hour, or a lunch and learn, networking events are sure to put you in contact with someone who could potentially help your career. Of course, once you make it to the event, you must do your part to properly network. Overall, summertime is a great time to get out there and meet new people in your field.

5. Optimize social media.
While you can use social media at any time of the year, these days with the job-search enhancements on Facebook and Google, you might want to take advantage of searching for a job while you’re scrolling through your friends’ vacation photos. Many of the social platforms and search engine tools are adopting new features to make it easier for job seekers to search for jobs while they’re already online.

6. Freshen up your skills.
If you have an eye on an ideal role, but you’re lacking one or two qualifications, the summertime is a good time to sign up for a summer course or workshop that could help you attain those skillsets. Often, summer courses are intensives and cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. This is a good way to aid your job search and build your resume.

7. Go shopping.
Whether you’re landing interviews right now or not, you must be prepared for when you do. And, the first step is looking professional. Bonus! There are usually summer sales at clothing stores this time of year. Check out what deals you can find on suits or dresses, so that you can update your wardrobe and look professional when it comes time to interview.

If you are currently in the market for a new role, reply to this email with your resume and one of our dedicated recruiters will reach out to you.

What are some other tips to heat up your job search this summer? Comment below and let us know!

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