By Jim Wong, CPA | May 24, 2017

When it comes to new accounting, finance or information technology professionals evaluating a job offer to join your team, often times they look for the quality of the benefits package. At the very least, job seekers of most professions expect standard benefits such as medical and dental insurance, paid time off, 401(k) and performance bonuses, but as the workplace evolves and company culture changes, there are other benefits that job seekers and existing team members now come to expect.

Because of this shift in mindset over the past decade or so, managers are adjusting their offerings in order to recruit, engage and retain their employees, and now offer what once were considered unconventional perks. Still, it’s important to implement the right perks. After all, not all of the latest and greatest incentives make sense for every company’s culture. That’s why you have to have a good pulse on your business to know the ones that do.

I recently read a Forbes article that discusses employee perks that are attractive to new hires and meaningful to existing team members. So, I wanted to share some of those along with a few of my own in the 6 Workplace Perks that Matter to New Hires below.

1. Flexibility/Remote Work. 
By now, it’s pretty common for companies to have flexible hours or work-from-home schedules. Understanding that giving teammates breaks and flexibility helps ease the stress from our day-to-day lives. This flexibility also makes the team more productive and is likely to keep people happier.

2. Paid Sabbatical. 
This certainly is not applicable for every organization, but many start-ups have adopted this perk for their employees. After a set amount of years, some start-ups will give their team members a one-month paid sabbatical as a way to say thank you for service. For those colleagues who do not work at start-ups, paid vacation time is a terrific benefit that also eases stress.

3. Training & Development. 
The writer of this article says it best, “When a company invests in its employees, these individuals are better suited to invest in their work.” Implementing strong development programs is becoming a vital perk to keep employees satisfied. Of course, technical training is important but personal development courses can be even more beneficial.

4. Wellness program. 
Incorporating health and wellness into company culture doesn’t stop at gym memberships. While a discounted or free gym membership is a nice perk, there are companies who provide other wellness-related offerings to employees including stand-up desks, free healthy snacks, yoga classes, dietician consultations and more.

5. Celebrations. 
No matter the company size or industry, incorporating celebrations into the company culture can be a quick win when it comes to perks. By celebrating team member birthdays, anniversaries and closed deals, employees get recognition for their contributions.

6. Giving back to the community.
This is becoming a growing trend in the workplace—the writer says, “This perk is important because it creates camaraderie within teams while keeping employees humble about helping others.” This goes for anyone evaluating joining a company or veteran team members.

These are only a few of the perks that employees look forward to when joining a company and while working at a company. Do you know of other workplace perks? Comment below and let us know.

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