By Brilliant® | June 22, 2023

Summer is officially here, and the graduation parties, vacations and other celebrations are in full effect.

For those of you who are done with school and looking ahead to the real world, having an internship or full-time opportunity lined up in your field of study is likely the goal.

If you already have one, kudos to you!

For those of you still working through what your first step in your career will look like, that’s OK. The good news is that you have options.

Depending on your field of study, you may be in high demand.

According to a recent Brilliant® study, half (50%) of the businesses participating in the survey indicated they were planning to hire permanent (full-time) roles in the next 12 months.

Additionally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported low unemployment figures, with technical positions like accounting, finance and technology being even lower.

Here at Brilliant, we embrace the new graduates in our network and do everything we can to set them up for solid careers. Read on for 5 Tips to Help a New Grad’s Success.

  1. Set short and long-term goals.
    First and foremost, you need to know what you want in order to go after it. Do you want to go into public accounting? Are you looking to be a consultant? Are you eyeing a manager role? No matter your aspirations, it’s important to create short and long-term goals to set up your career for success. Schedule time into your day to jot down your inspirations and wants. Then, you can create a plan for the roles and businesses you want to consider applying to for your new position. If you already have a role in place, you still want to revisit your goals. You can then work with your manager to set up a path to help you ultimately achieve those goals.
  2. Create a resume.
    It’s important to begin outlining your resume while you’re still in school—whether it’s to land an internship or even for your career advisor to review. If you haven’t created your resume yet and have already graduated, it’s crucial to build your resume as soon as possible. That way, you can include all relevant details while still fresh in your mind. You want all information to be clear and consistent. Be sure to include any committees, groups, internships or specialty programs/projects you were a part of, certifications you achieved, and the degree you earned. Also, bullet out your relevant skills and include an Objective of precisely what you want to pursue. For more resume-building tips, click here.
  3. Tap into social media.
    Social media is an everyday part of life now, and it’s essential to have an online presence. While there are benefits to gain from each social media platform, you have to make LinkedIn a priority when it comes to your career. As the No. 1 professional social platform, LinkedIn is the best place to connect with other professionals in your industry and begin to network. It is also an excellent place for job searching as you can follow companies to see who is hiring and where. You can also set up job alerts to notify you when a role pops up that you are interested in applying to. Be sure to map your profile with the same information as your resume, allowing you to be searchable by hiring managers and recruiters.   
  4. Work with a recruiter.
    Regarding recruiters, partnering with a dedicated recruiter and reputable recruiting firm is a good idea to help you land your first role. Not only are recruiters experts at finding positions for professionals, but they know the market intel to guide you through the process. Additionally, you can remain a part of the recruitment firm’s talent pool long-term and stay connected with them as you move to various positions throughout your career. Just be sure to pick a firm with a specialty in your field. They’re often the best qualified to get you the role you deserve.
  5. Network with your community.
    In addition to networking online, be sure to reach out to your community. Leveraging personal referrals is a great way to land a new role. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends, family, neighbors, teachers or peers if they know of anyone hiring in the industry you are seeking. Further, you can also ask to be put in contact with successful professionals to chat with them to hear about their own career paths. Often, you can learn from the journeys of others, and it can help you master the art of building professional relationships along the way.

Interested in speaking with a Brilliant® recruiter? Contact us and mention this blog.

What are some other tips for recent graduates who are about to begin their careers? Comment below and share your thoughts. 

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