By Brilliant® | July 3, 2019

With so many technological advancements impacting the business world, it’s no surprise that company culture has evolved just the same. Professionals have more options to work remotely due to the cloud and mobile technologies, and the overall vibe of the workplace has relaxed some, especially as younger generations enter the market.

This can become a bit challenging when you’re interviewing for a new position and you don’t know the appropriate attire to wear to the interview. You may have heard the culture was casual, but do you show up in jeans?

Probably not.

So, how do you balance the more formal process that is the interview with the company culture of the business you’re applying for?

We’ve covered this topic before, and I thought it was a good time to provide a refresher for anyone currently job searching and actively interviewing. See my 6 Tips to Dress for Job Interview Success below.

1. Ask HR
This is the simplest way to get the scoop on what to wear to an interview is to ask the company’s hiring manager or human resources representatives. When responding to an interview invitation, ask for their guidance on interview attire. It’s a good first step to learning more about the dress code – and the culture.

2. Research the company
You may have received an answer from the hiring manager regarding workplace attire, however, a job seeker can also use that information as a steppingstone to get further detail. I suggest checking out the company’s website or social media platforms to see if there are photos of their employees at work.

3. Dress Confident & Comfortable 
“Look good…feel good.” While this expression may be cliché, it holds some serious truth. There’s something to be said about peoples’ self-esteem when they’re wearing their go-to tie or favorite shirt. While I’m not suggesting that a job seeker wears their lucky baseball cap to a professional job interview, I do suggest job seekers wear a piece that they feel comfortable in!

4. Interview Etiquette 
If upon researching the company you find that most people wear jeans on a daily basis, take it up a notch for the interview. As a general rule, I recommend that a candidate never wear jeans, no matter how casual the environment appears to be. Although the culture may be informal, the hiring managers may expect a more formal presentation.

5. Plan Ahead 
Be prepared! Planning the interview attire ahead of time allows you to focus on the interview itself the day of, rather than your style. You wouldn’t want to wake up the day of an interview only to realize the shirt you wanted to wear is dirty and needs to be dry cleaned.

6. Be yourself! 
Lastly, the best piece of advice I can give is to be yourself. Of course, it’s important to use your best judgement, but instead of presenting a different version of yourself in an interview—just be YOU. If you play a role during an interview and get hired, it’ll be difficult to maintain that façade every day. Trust your professional self while staying true to your style!

What are some other tips for appropriate interview attire? Comment below and let us know!

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