By Brilliant® | May 15, 2019

Last week, we talked about graduation season being in full swing and gave tips for new grads to use in their job search. One suggestion was looking for internships as a great way to help jumpstart their careers.

Interestingly, these young professionals aren’t the only ones benefitting from internships – the companies have a lot to gain from having a few extra hands around the office, as well.

Businesses that offer internships at various points throughout the year can become more productive and have long-delayed projects finally see the finish-line with the help of interns.

Good interns are typically eager and willing to gain real-life corporate experience and don’t mind taking on tasks such as data entry, filing or other clerkly duties often put off by seasoned professionals.

Whether these projects were placed on the backburner due to bandwidth issues or priorities shifting elsewhere—having interns complete them allows advanced team members more time to dedicate to completing important projects—a win-win for the bottom-line of the business.

I recently came across an article from that discusses the benefits of businesses having internship programs. I wanted to share my thoughts in the 5 Ways Companies Benefit from Offering Internships below.

1. They build your brand.
While an intern works for your company, and after, they will inevitably talk about their experience to their network of family members, friends, classmates, teachers and acquaintances. This is a sure way to gain brand recognition and free advertising. You never know who your interns can be related to or connected to in some way. There could be potential business opportunities or referrals for new team members. No matter the long-term outcome, it’s good practice for businesses to show their dedication to growing young professionals through internship programs.

2. They offer a new outlook.
Interns bring creativity, innovation and new ideas to the table, and this is something companies should definitely take advantage of when hiring an intern. Sometimes getting the perspective of someone right out of school with no prior experience can be refreshing. They’re likely to be objective and not have any bias. Giving interns the chance to share their opinions can enhance a fresh perspective for your company and give the confidence that they’ll need to further their careers.

3. They are tech-savvy. 
There’s a new generation of graduates this year, and they are extremely tech-savvy. Not only do they understand the new technologies, systems and tools out there, they’re advanced users. They likely can provide knowledge to managers on usage, performance and results. Consider a reverse mentorship with your interns and have them work with some company veterans to enhance their digital knowledge. Interns know the technology trends and can easily maneuver their way around new software, computers and social media alike.

4. They are inexpensive.
Internships can be paid or unpaid based on your companies’ budget and goals. And often times, paid internships are only a fraction of what full-time positions would qualify for. Further, college students or recent grads would not require benefits, unemployment or severance packages since companies aren’t required to hire them once the internship ends. Overall, interns are relatively low-cost, and yet, can provide high value to the business.

5. They might be a permanent solution. 
Internships can be considered a so-called trial-period, because you get to see the potential the student or recent graduate has within the field, as well as their work ethic and determination. This is a great way to assess an individual for a full-time position whether that’s immediately following the internship, immediately following their graduation or sometime else in the future. You never know when you may need their skillsets as part of your team. By giving them a chance to get to know your business and the role through an internship, you can help ease them into a more permanent place within your business in the future.

What are some other ways companies can benefit from offering internship programs? Sound off in the comment section below!

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