By Jim Wong, CPA | December 14, 2016

This week we have guest blogger Al Riehle, Business Development Specialist and Brilliant Brand Ambassador, giving us some tips for staying in good spirits this holiday season.

December is upon us and we’re in the middle of the always-busy, always-stressful Holiday Season. It’s the time of year when it could be difficult to manage life, both professionally and at home. December and January are typically regarded as the most stressful months of the year. That’s why I thought I’d share with you some tips to help keep you in good spirits so the folks around the office can stop calling you, The Grinch!

1. Log off social media. 
Many of us know that it’s been a contentious couple of months on our favorite social media sites for a variety of reasons, and people seem to still be acting defensively. Save yourself the holiday disagreements by staying off social media. If you feel you must, give yourself daily time limits or promise yourself to only engage with those who are being and posting positive messages, but unplugging is a good first step to lowering holiday stress.

2. Hit the gym. 
A key way to staying positive during the busy season is taking care of yourself. Working out and exercising is a great way to release endorphins, clear your mind and stay in shape. This will also give you additional energy to balance all of your work and home commitments. Plus, you’ll feel good about yourself in your new holiday sweater and your work party.

3. Be honest about your time management. 
We’ve all been through the drill and know that properly managing our time can have amazing benefits to lowering daily stress levels. However, we have to be honest about how much time to realistically carve out such as for the holiday party and preparations for it, or how long your next meeting is going to last. We also need to take time management into account when delegating—everyone has a full plate this time of year. Those who you regularly count on may be behind, as well. Get honest feedback about the length of projects and if they aren’t acceptable, see how you can improve them.

4. Employ additional team members. 
December is a month with fewer work days, extra distractions and a bigger project load as we all try to close-up the year. It’s an ideal time to bring on extra staff. There’s a myth that people won’t want to work one or two day stints, or projects that only last a week, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. This is the time of year when those short-term positions are more likely to be filled. Plus, you might be helping to make someone’s holiday season by putting the extra cash in their pockets they need to make it a nice time for their families. The low cost of a temporary contractor versus the high price of stress is an easy one to decide upon.

5. Bring work principles home.
Manage your shopping and the extra time you need to spend out of the office just like you manage your time in the office. Set yourself a schedule. Institute flex hours at work so you can get your work done when others are shopping and get shopping done when others are working. There are as many pressures outside of your professional life as there are within during the holidays. Put the management skills you use at work, every day, to work for you when managing your calendar outside of work.

What did we miss? What extra tips would you share for helping to decrease stress around the office during the holidays? Chime in and comment here.

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