By Jim Wong, CPA | August 23, 2017

“Leadership requires the courage to make decisions that will benefit the next generation”- Alan Autry

The world of business has been continually changing and shifting their approach when educating and managing the new generation of workers. There is no doubt that millennials have positively shaken up the workforce with their new values, needs and ethics. However, the last of millennials are moving into careers and it’s now time for employers to prepare for the next generation of job seekers.

Generation Z is made up of individuals born between 1996-2010. This means that many of the older members of this up-and-coming generation are in their final year of college, and have most likely began their job hunt for the future. I came across an article the other day from about Generation Z in the workforce and how employers can prepare for them. I found this article to be very valuable and wanted to share some highlights, along with some of my own thoughts. Take a look at 5 Things Employers Should Know About Generation Z in the Workforce:

1. They Keep a Fast Pace.
The word complacency just doesn’t seem to fit in the vocabulary of Generation Z. This is because they prefer to keep a fast pace in their career development and want to stay clear of being in a safe position. They may even be interested in taking on multiple positions in order to accelerate their career path. Determination is strong and a fast pace is key in the Generation Z mindset.

2. They Value Independence. 
Recent studies have shown that this generation prefers to be thrown out in the world to perform on their own rather than working with a group or under management. This is contrary to the millennial generation who generally prefer to work within teams. Although this fact may show strong motivation for Gen Z-ers, the ability to cooperate and function within a team is imperative to succeeding in any industry, and refusing to do so could lead to problems in the workplace. This sense of independence can negatively impact teamwork, however, it can also signify that Generation Z are decisive and have the potential to be leaders in the business world.

3. They Care About Money.
Millennials have been known to seek careers that give them moral purpose, allow them a great work-life balance and suit their distinct personalities best. Ironically, Generation Z have completely opposite desires while making career moves. They want to make money, have complete job security, and have the possibility to grow within. These priorities could have been the result of Generation Z coming of age during the recession.

4. They are Tech Savvy.
Tech Savvy is an understatement when it comes to Generation Z. Technological skills are nearly second nature to them because they have been exposed to it almost all of their lives. Believe it or not, the first iPhone was introduced to the world in 2007, when the oldest of Generation Z were only 11 years old. This lifetime exposure of technology has given these individuals proficiency in many technological areas that are highly prevalent in today’s workforce. This is important to note when preparing for Generation Z to enter the workforce—it will create a lot of competition as technology continues to evolve.

5. They Embrace Diversity.
Millennials have given us a true taste of what diversity looks like. However, Generation Z may introduce an even more welcoming culture toward the diversity of race, ethnicity, gender identity and sexuality. This is because almost 48 percent of this generation are either a part of a minority race or an ethnic group themselves. They’ve also grown up in a more respectful and accepting environment. I believe this fact is very important to know about Generation Z because a better sense of diversity will not only change the way of business, but also the culture within it.

These are only a few of the characteristics that Generation Z will bring into the workforce. Do you know any other important qualities? Comment below and let us know!

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