By Marc Basil | December 14, 2018

The month of December serves as a great time to reflect back on all we’ve accomplished throughout the year. It’s an even better time to contemplate how we can position ourselves for continued success in the coming year. Whether you’re ready for a significant change in your career, or simply preventing the feeling of “burnout”, setting goals for yourself and enhancing your professional character is a must.

The latest Brilliant Q1 2019 Accounting, Finance and IT Hiring Forecast indicated that 51 percent of businesses reported open accounting and finance positions for the coming quarter. Although the labor market is very much candidate-driven, the talent continues to strengthen, and it’s time to ask yourself — are you setting yourself up for success in 2019?

Take a look at my 4 Ways to Enhance Your Professional Reputation in 2019 below!

1. Be Resume-Ready At All Times
“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say ‘yes’, then learn how to do it later.” Richard Branson may not have been referring to a resume when he used this line, but it does speak to never knowing when an ideal opportunity may surface. Whether you’re in a serious job search or cruising along in a steady position, having a professional resume saved and ready to be reviewed by a potential new employer is strongly recommended. You never know when your dream job will arise.

2. Assess Your Professional Goals
Where do you see yourself in 2019? What will you have accomplished by the end of next year? What can you improve upon? When it comes to answering these questions and focusing on professional improvements, it’s a good idea to set time to discuss this with your manager. They can help you measure your success and understand the necessary areas of growth. With a clear roadmap of where you want to go in the New Year, you will start to get a clear vision of how to get there.

3. Invest in Continued Professional Development
Whether you’ve been in your profession for 10 months or 10 years, there’s always room to learn and improve. Have you ever thought about taking a course to strengthen your skillset in Excel? How about taking a quarterly training outside of the office with an expert in your field? You may even fancy the idea of finishing sitting for the CPA. No matter your learning path, professional development is vital to ensure that you’re constantly sharpening your skillset and stimulating your mind.

4. Nurture Your Network
When counseling candidates on a job search, I always stress the importance of networking and how impactful building strong community around them can be for their careers. Networking should be an ongoing strategic process, and it can’t begin when in the midst of a job search. Try to set aside time for lunches or coffee on a monthly basis with former co-workers, managers or even professors. This is a great way to stay on track with your relationship-building and stay in-the-know with various industries. When you decided to start a new job search, your professional network should naturally be the beginning of that process.

Do you have any other tips for enhancing your professional reputation? Comment below with your response!

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