By Brilliant® | October 23, 2020

The past decade has brought about major digital transformation and has changed the way businesses and people function at many levels. The driving force has always been considered to be the capabilities of the very tools that materialize the change. But is it really the technologies themselves making all the impact? Aren’t the people guiding and strategizing these new systems really the heroes?

If you think about it, without the professionals leading the way, technology has no direction. Many technological advancements have been put in place to supplement the workload of the professionals. And as enterprises plan for cutting-edge business models, it’s the human element, enabled by the technology component, that’s crucial to getting it across the finish line.

While we are still in the thick of a global crisis, and leaders are forced to change course with their future plans, just having the sophisticated technologies and systems in place is not enough to move the needle to scale and grow business. Even if you have the most innovative and progressive technologies on the market, you need people to lead the way.

Ultimately, technology is enabling the change while people are the ones driving it, and that’s really something not discussed too often. When I recently came across an article on Harvard Business Review that covers this topic, I thought it was important to share 4 Ways People (not Technology) Drive Digital Transformation.

  1. Put people at the center.
    It’s important that businesses know their purpose and that they center it around the needs of their teams and customers. Moving ahead in the corporate world involves a lot of strategy and decisions. When you look at the end goal and how it impacts the human element of your business, you can then allow your systems and technologies to run and help you achieve it.
  1. Let technology do the work.
    Technological advancements should be put in place to ease the work of the teams which in turn can give them more bandwidth to accomplish even more in other areas. From automation to AI, technology can give businesses significant insight by leveraging big data, the cloud, BI and other elements. By letting the technologies do what they do best, with a strong human-led strategy to back it, you’ll see it can carry a business a long way.
  1. Leverage a moral compass.
    When businesses are all-encompassing and they put importance on employee areas like diversity and inclusion, it sets the tone for not only the culture of the business but the success of the business, as well. In order for professionals to forge ahead and leverage technology for better advancement of the future, they have to foster an environment that is conducive to do so. No technology or automation system can decipher emotion or empathy—and they never will. It’s up to the leaders of a business to lead their own digital transformation with the actual technological advancements as the secondary focus.
  1. Move quickly.
    Time is of the essence. While people are driving change, emerging tools are allowing businesses to move at a rapid pace. Processes that have taken months in the past are now taking nanoseconds due to the nature of many emerging technologies. With the right teams and plans in place, you can capitalize on these extraordinary capabilities that many technology systems can accomplish and quickly at that.

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