By Brilliant® | October 9, 2020

We are experiencing an incredibly unique time right now in the workplace. Many professionals remain remote or are leveraging a hybrid work schedule. And as the school year is well underway, many schools have opted for distance learning, leaving working parents having to balance their own workload with that of their children from their homes.

This has been especially hard for working mothers who often assume much of the childcare duties, even with more women in the workforce now than ever. Still, both working mothers and fathers are struggling to sustain their overlapping schedules as childcare and daycare options remain limited.

The good news is that companies are stepping up to help their employees. Just as times are changing around us, company policy and procedures are evolving to meet the needs of the employee.

Just as times are changing around us, company policy and procedures are evolving on a monthly, weekly and sometimes daily basis as each circumstance is likely different from the next.

I thought it was important to discuss this topic and highlight the many ways businesses are helping their working parents continue to thrive in their roles. I came across this article that shares some of my thoughts, as well. Read on for 4 Ways Companies are Helping Working Parents Navigate Childcare Issues below.

  1. Allowing flexible schedules
    Most companies are allowing some type of flexible schedule for their teams. Whether that’s adjusting their working hours, offering a hybrid of in-office and work from home options, or extending parental leaves, businesses are doing their part to give employees as many choices as they can so that professionals do not have to quit or leave their jobs in order to care for their children at home.
  1. Adding contract workers to supplement workloads
    Even though businesses offer flexible options, some working parents still aren’t working at full capacity as they balance childcare and home responsibilities. Therefore, businesses are looking to add contract professionals to supplement those gaps, allowing their permanent teams to work on longer-term projects while bringing on additional resources to finish projects that are more time-sensitive in nature.
  1. Suspending performance reviews
    Business leaders know the challenges that both their teams and they, too, are facing—as many leaders are experiencing their own balancing issues with childcare. That empathy is leading to businesses suspending any performance reviews for their employees. This move also shows their teams that they have the trust in them to do their work well.
  1. Offering incentives
    Working professionals are spending more hours a day in their homes instead of being in the office 40+ hours a week, and children not being at school or daycare. Therefore, some businesses are showing their support in simple ways such as sending employees gift cards for grocery services, restaurant deliveries, cleaning services, and more, to help alleviate some burdens of everyday tasks. These small gestures are going a long way for their teams and allowing them more time to focus on work.

If you are looking to supplement any gaps in your teams or projects, please contact the Brilliant team.

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What are some other ways companies are helping out their employees who are struggling to find a balance with their own workload and that of their children? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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