By Marc Basil | April 11, 2018

With unemployment sitting at historic lows, job seekers are thriving in the labor markets. CareerBuilder released a report this month which stated that the overall employment picture looks strong, as March marked the 90th consecutive month of employment growth. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that the scale is certainly tipped in the favor of the candidate – often receiving multiple job offers at a time.

As the market becomes more competitive, hiring managers and recruiting managers must be prepared to navigate through the challenges, stay ahead of competitors and find the right candidates for their open roles.

Take a look at 4 Tips for Overcoming Recruiting Challenges in 2018 below.

1. “Have a Clear Game Plan”
No candidate enjoys their time being wasted, and unfortunately, there are hiring companies who enter the interview process without any direction. Most candidates pick up on this approach and can often times be turned off immediately. In order to avoid this outcome, the hiring team should have a clear plan before the interview and make the best of their time. For example, a well-prepared interviewer will read a candidate’s resume and cover letter before the interview, and devise questions of based on their experiences and skills.

2. “Why Should I Work Here?”
Job seekers realize the importance of representing their experience and qualifications in an interview in order to stand out from their competition – and hiring/recruiting managers should, too. Anyone conducting an interview should be willing and able to communicate with the candidate details of the company, including their mission, their team, the role at hand and even their outlook on the company. Find out what’s important to the candidate and be transparent on how the company can meet their needs.

3. “Time Kills all Deals”
Timeliness…urgency…rhythm. One of the most common frustrations voiced by candidates is the length of time the recruiting and interviewing cycle can take. It’s certainly in the company’s best interest to ensure that the key stakeholders prioritize the hiring process and make decisions in a timely manner. This includes following up with the candidate – regardless of the outcome.

4. “One Size Does Not Fit All”
It’s not always about seeking the “perfect candidate” on paper, rather it’s better to seek a strong candidate that is a perfect fit for the role and your company culture. Try to understand the needs, vision and values of your own company before interviewing candidates for a specific position, and have a clear understanding of who you’re looking for. Go beyond the resume – get to know the candidate personally and professionally in order to ultimately make the best decision.

What are some other tips for businesses to mitigate recruiting challenges in 2018? Sound off in the comment section below

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