By Jim Wong, CPA | January 24, 2018

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. —John Maxwell

There is no shortage of articles discussing the topic of leadership and the characteristics that go into the makeup of a great leader in the corporate landscape—especially as work environments become more flexible and innovative. It’s clear to see that the best accounting, finance and information technology leaders and managers are in full gear when it comes to adjusting their leadership to keep up with the new and evolving culture.

In efforts to do so, great leaders can seek and embrace the generational and cultural diversity within their teams, believe in the importance of a positive corporate culture and set the tone of encouragement and optimism in their office every day.

Further, in order to satisfy the needs of their teams, leaders must be remarkable by resonating with their peers, and recognizing their needs.

I recently read an article by Entrepreneur that discusses some of the things that great leaders do every day. I wanted to share my own ideas on the topic as well.

Learn 4 Qualities of a Remarkable Leader below:

1. Recognizes All Employees
Acknowledging your team members in an open forum is one of the quickest and simplest ways to immediately boost morale. It requires little effort, but has a great impact and allows all colleagues to know that leadership is paying attention to their efforts and hard work. Although it’s easy to recognize the top performers of the team – be sure to reach out to the individuals that are unmotivated or low-performing. These individuals may need your recognition the most!

2. Keep Everyone on the Same Page 
It’s true that employees who are unsure about their daily tasks don’t feel that they have the opportunity to excel in their overall career. How can they focus on improving skills if they are unaware of their responsibilities? This problem can be solved by keeping all team members updated and on the same page. Don’t forget to make sure employees know what their role is in the organization’s long-term goal too. This will allow each team member to feel engaged and valued in the organization.

3. Ask and Accept Feedback 
A remarkable leader will accept any feedback, negative or positive, from their team members and will often reevaluate business functions and strategies as a result. It’s true that feedback is essential to the success of a leader, and subsequently, a strong team. Even when the feedback is not positive, it might spark a great idea that has potential for change.

4. Create a Positive Environment 
No matter the industry, a remarkable leader will strive to generate positivity in the workplace every day. By cultivating an optimistic corporate environment, team members will feel more motivated and gain a better sense of confidence while working toward their goals. Some great ways to generate this positivity around the team includes positive reinforcement, motivational talks, an open line of communication and an overall culture of flexibility and fun!

Do you have any other qualities of a remarkable leader in mind? Comment below and let us know!

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