By Brilliant® | July 17, 2020

Many professionals have found themselves out of work amidst the ongoing COVID crisis. Whether you were laid off, furloughed, had a reduction in pay or are employed but considering a change, now is a great time to update your resume and begin your job search. Businesses are still hiring for both contract and permanent roles, especially when it comes to accounting, finance and technology. You just have to be strategic in your approach.

I think it’s an important time to discuss best practices for anyone going through a job search right now. You just have to adjust your job search tactics to reflect the changing times. Naturally, some industries are more impacted than others. So, keep that in mind. Take a look at the 3 Ways to Enhance Your Job Search below:

  1. Refresh your resume
    Since the market has flipped on its head and there are now more individuals vying for roles than just as recently as the start of the year, you will need your resume to stand out now more than ever. You can’t present an out of date resume with your job application. Take the time to refresh your resume. Include any new skills you’ve acquired since your last job search—and if those skills are expected of the new role be sure to list them at the top of the resume. Mention specific highlights that show you are an asset to any accounting and finance team. Use concrete numbers and percentages to show how you collected X in AR or saved X by implementing new processes. Whatever can help you shine as a candidate, include it on your resume in a clear and easy to read manner. For more resume tips, download our Resume 101 Guide.
  2. Update your LinkedIn profile
    LinkedIn is the hub of all things career-related as it continues to be the No. 1 social media platform for professionals. With 675 million users a month, the networking opportunities are immense. This means keeping an updated profile is important, especially if you are actively job searching. Some easy fixes to optimize your profile include: Uploading a new profile picture (make sure it’s a headshot, you’re smiling and you have a solid-color background); claiming a custom URL; adding an About section; drafting a personal story about your career; creating a compelling headline; adding all of your skills; asking for recommendations; and finally, turning on your public settings so that you can be found by recruiters, human resources professionals and hiring managers.
  3. Reach out to your network
    Once you’ve updated your resume and LinkedIn profiles, you’re ready to begin your job search. An important aspect of conducting a successful job search is networking. Experts estimate that 70-80% of all positions are filled through networking sources, so be sure to connect with old friends, former classmates, former professors, former co-workers, neighbors and anyone else who could connect you with a new opportunity. Don’t be afraid to message, email, call or text them and tell them your situation. Most people are willing to help, and many are in similar situations as you. Promise to do the same for them if they are looking for a role you may have information about. Remember to be patient. Chances are it will take a few months before you land a new role. And if you receive any rejections, keep at it and eventually you will find the position that you want.

What are some other ways to enhance someone’s job search during a pandemic? Comment below with your thoughts and ideas!

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