Brilliant has been great to me so far. Started on a 3-month gig and it’s 7 months and I am still here. Glad to be back outside working and motivating myself much more!

Bridgette on May 2, 2022

I had a great experience using Brilliant and with their help, I was able to land a great job that I love.

Gerardo on May 2, 2022

Scott, my recruiter, is the primary reason why I would recommend Brilliant. He has been super responsive, helpful, and overall, a great resource for me. He was very open and honest when discussing opportunities and my work history, which isn’t always the case in my experience working with staffing agencies.

Theodore on May 2, 2022

Excellence! That covers all.

Paul on May 2, 2022

My recruiter Jennifer and her manager Jim are amazing and always check in on me with my current project.

Carolyn on May 2, 2022

Helpful, friendly staff with great follow-up and concern.

Trudy on May 2, 2022