7 Tips for Working with a RecruiterAs the number of unemployed professionals remains high due to the impact of the COVID crisis, many professionals are seeking new roles. While there are valuable resources online that can walk you through the many stages of a job search, the process can be challenging—especially, given these unique times. One way to ease your job search is to enlist the help of a recruiter. When you team-up with a credible recruiting or consulting firm, you’ll find recruiters can be great partners for you. They not only can identify open positions that meet your skillset and requirements, but can prepare you for interviews, negotiations and job offers. Sometimes candidates don’t have access to specific networks the way recruiters do—and that intel is crucial. There may be more open roles, projects or assignments available than you necessarily come across when scrolling through the popular online job boards. Brilliant just so happens to specialize in this topic. Fill out the form to download our 7 Tips for Working with a Recruiter guide.