3 Reasons to Build a Hybrid WorkforceFor the past six months, many of us have been forced to work remotely — with the exception of the essential workers, of course — catapulting a whole new normal for many professions. While working from home on occasion is nothing new, working from home every day has presented many challenges for business professionals. From childcare issues to lack of engagement from teams to mental health battles and so much more in between, COVID, in a sense, has turned our world upside down — and some professions more than others. But with change comes a sense of hopefulness, and the best leaders are the ones who can find ways to adapt to that change. That’s why we’re seeing positive aspects to the remote work environment emerging. And as the U.S. economy continues its reopening, businesses are figuring out how to make the best of both worlds. A hybrid model that allows teams the option for a mix of in-office and at-home days each week seems to fare better than 100% of staff doing either. Fill out the form to download our 3 Reasons to Build a Hybrid Workforce guide.