Get the business insights you need from BI and big data professionals.

You have mountains of data about your users, but it’s worthless if you can’t turn it into insights. So how do you start with managing your data? Unsure about cloud computing? Wondering what BI can do for you and your business? Brilliant Technology Staffing can help you find the perfect technology expert. We have skilled talent who can strengthen, develop, engineer and maintain your digital solutions and improve your business offerings.

Big data and cloud roles that your team can work with:

  • SAP Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Storage Engineer
  • VMware Specialist
  • Data Center Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Scientist

Your company requires data to make sound business decisions.

Whether that means you need data scientists with SQL expertise to analyze your data, software developers to implement BI automations or architects to maintain applications in the cloud — we have high-quality professionals at the ready who can support any of your BI, big data or cloud needs.

Systems your resources can or will work with:

Google Cloud
IBM Cloud

We represent the best in BI and cloud talent.