What are the different types of consulting opportunities out there?

The different types of consulting opportunities available to our clients vary based upon the needs of the organization. Below are the most widely popular options:

Interim consulting roles

When a business has a void in a key management role such as CFO or Controller, a consultant is brought in to assist during this transition and perform the role on an interim basis.

Project management positions

When a project has clearly defined deliverable and timelines, one of our consultants can provide project management consulting. Many of these projects include systems implementation of an ERP system or preparation for an initial public offering.

Staff augmentation measures

When workloads spike, companies need outside help through the use of consultants to ease the strain on core staff without having to add to their full-time headcount.

Who are our clients?

The clients we partner with typically have the following profile:

  • Are in the role of CFO, Corporate Controller, Accounting Director, SEC Director, Manager of SOX, Plant Controller or Manager of Financial Systems
  • Work within a variety of industries and entity types
  • Are small, mid-size through Fortune 500 companies

Who are our consultants?

Many of our consulting resources have the following experience:

  • 8 to 10 years of public accounting and private industry experience
  • Large corporate accounting and finance experience
  • MBAs and CPAs

What is the Management Resources Core Program?

The Brilliant Core Professionals (BCP) program is a salaried, rotational consulting program for career consultants with 5-20 years of experience or more. These individuals are high-achieving, successful, experienced accounting and finance professionals, and they have determined they want to pursue consulting as a long-term career but are averse to the varied compensation structure of an hourly model.

Consultants with significant broad-based accounting and finance experience are constantly in high demand by our clients for projects and interim roles.

Of the many positive results of this program, some of the primary ones include deepening our relationship with the accounting and finance community and paving a path for high-performing professionals who need help navigating their career path post-corporate experience.

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