Strategy Director

513346 | Contract

This experienced and analytical Strategy Director has a background in corporate development, finance, M&A integration, project management, and consulting. Known for strategic thinking, solutions-driven approach, and adept management of cross-functional teams. Proven track record in achieving strong, sustainable revenue growth through seamless execution of innovative projects. Key skills include M&A integration, corporate development, organizational design, leadership, economic valuation modeling, communication, FP&A and strategic planning.

Additional qualifications include:

  • Led a 5-year $115 million EBITDA improvement initiative, resulting in $30 million improvement in 2022 and a forecasted $23 million in 2023
  • Executed M&A integration program, realizing a value capture strategy of $16 million in EBITDA improvement
  • Orchestrated 30+ successful private equity operational due diligences in CPG, pharma/life science and industrial sectors
  • Developed and executed 6 value capture projects, leading operational and organizational transformations for various sectors
  • Spearheaded a $300 million annual productivity agenda, implementing new processes to achieve P&L algorithm goals