Senior Front-End Developer

548488 | Contract

This highly motivated Senior Front-End Developer with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communications and master’s degree in Human Computer Interaction has more than 10 years of professional IT experience. Recent experience includes building responsive user interfaces, optimizing performance and implementing best practices in React development. Systems experience includes HTML5, CSS3, SASS/LESS, ITCSS, BEM, Flexbox, ES6, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, React, TypeScript, NPM, Gulp/Grunt, Sitecore, Hybris, Adobe Experience Manager, Bootstrap, Terminal/Bash, GIT/SVN/TeamCity, Adobe Creative Cloud, Balsamiq, SCRUM, JAVA, Groovy/Grails, .net Core and Azure.

Additional qualifications include:

  • Provided personalized training to content editors on the Sitecore platform, enhancing productivity and ensuring adherence to accessibility standards
  • Collaborated closely with design and engineering teams to refactor HTML, CSS and React components for scalability and compliance
  • Restructured documentation and communication processes to ensure up-to-date code and efficient workflows