Network Engineer

472404 | Contract

This analytical Network Engineer has more than 7 years of experience in information technology. Expertise includes managing, maintaining and updating various networks, routers, and switches to ensure maximum security and performance.

Additional qualifications include:

  • Identified and eliminated any chance of security breaches to datacenters, remote sites, and VPN connection to individuals and site-to-site networks
  • Drove migrations and upgrades of complex wireless platforms from old legacy firmware to new, latest technology for faster connectivity and performance
  • Developed new VPN tunnels to vendor and remote networks for successful transfer of sensitive, confidential and encrypted data over WAN connections
  • Enabled successful security system policy change by developing change record in IBM/ServiceNow ticketing system for all service requests
  • Accelerated network performance and speed through design of F5 virtual servers and nodes as well as deployment of F5 global Load Balancer for user VPN appliance connections to data centers based on locations
  • Upgraded all wireless platforms to Wi-Fi 6 industry’s latest technology, while transitioning all APs and WLCs to 9000 thousand series
  • Improved skills of Junior Network Engineers on migration from Cisco platform to Cisco Meraki by providing training