Investment Ops Manager

402128 | Contract

This detail-oriented Investment Ops Manager with an MBA is pursuing a PhD and has 15 years of overall investment operations experience. Recent experience includes heavy knowledge of investment products, strong recruiting and operational planning, and managing 50 direct reports.

Additional qualifications include:

  • Proxies: Shareholder proxies actions (relo or acquisitions) voting rights and how they allocated
  • Corp actions: Primarily for acquisition by another company and transactional compliance (payment of dividends)
  • Security Maintenance: Expertise in situational risk and when and what escalation is necessary (technology, sectional and more)
  • Excel functions: Generates reports via macros due to having to report all; system admin for writing the script for macro and micros
  • Operational: Adapt day to day on operational and organizational changes that need/have been made in response to risk and securities