399562 | Contract

This seasoned Controller with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting has extensive experience in the finance and accounting function in both public and private capacities. Recent experience includes providing hands-on guidance in organizing and developing accounting and finance teams and managing the company’s balance sheet. Systems experience includes IBM RS/6000, IBM System/38, IBM PC Compatibles SBT, ICS, Acumatica, AccPac, Lotus, Quatro Pro, Windows, Ami Pro, Ventura, Access, Fox Pro, ADP and Ceridian payroll packages, Informix-SQL and Excel.

Additional qualifications include:

  • Managed debt placement, equity placement, financial reporting, establishing and monitoring internal controls, and treasury management
  • Managed SEC and regulatory accounting, GAAP, regulatory, internal and board reporting and treasury
  • Managed cash management, assets/liabilities, information systems, human resources, facilities and administration