How to Re-Open Your Doors to Your Employees but Not to Their Lawyers

This webinar has already occurred.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our webinar, How to Open Your Doors to Your Employees, but Not to Their Lawyers. We hope you found the information useful for your practice.

If you would like access to the resources mentioned in the webinar, including Brilliant’s Roadmap to Reopening or would like an introduction to Dana Rust of McGuireWoods, please contact kspearing@brilliantfs.com. We want to share as many best practices as we can with you. So, please do not hesitate to reach out.

If you were unable to attend the webinar and would like a copy of the recording, please let us know.

Kathy Spearing President, Brilliant®



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Kathy Spearing

President, Brilliant

Dana Rust

Partner, McGuireWoods LLP

Fred Schuff

Associate Attorney, McGuireWoods LLP

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