Who is Brilliant?

Careers in Accounting, Finance, and Information Technology

Brilliant specializes in professional temporary staffing, permanent search, and management resources for accounting, finance, and information technology.

Whether you are an employer looking for management resources or permanent and temporary staffing, or a professional searching for your next career move or assignment, you will find a solution here. Built on a consultative approach, the specific needs of your culture, department, and organization are taken into account as a tailored approach is implemented to bring you the best candidate to fill your staffing gap.

Why use Brilliant?

Brilliant serves a broad-spectrum of today's business world – they aren't limited to a narrowed cottage niche. Through networking we have developed partnerships with organizations in widely varied industries such as financial services, professional services, manufacturing, real estate, insurance, distribution, retail, and technology.

First hand experience creates a unique position to deliver unparalleled results. Many members of our team are former accounting professionals and hiring managers from the big four accounting firms and Fortune 500 companies. The Brilliant team has:

  • Knowledge about the finance and accounting market as well as information technology. In order to find the right fit for your organization, a strong grasp of the prevailing market forces affecting the employment sector is necessary. The Brilliant team networks with top talent and is familiar with their compensation metrics, career goals, industry knowledge, and expectations. This information provides a clear understanding of what's necessary to attract and retain the industry's best talent.
  • Knowledge about your company. To deliver professional temporary and permanent staffing solutions that address your most pressing needs, professional partnerships are fostered that create a blueprint for achieving your short-term and long-term goals. The greatest recruiting successes align our process and philosophy with your needs.
  • Knowledge about how to identify the right candidate. Focusing on your business culture and initiatives means you'll have candidates who will help you maintain a competitive edge in your marketplace. They meet the culture and skill sets necessary to succeed in your company.
  • A gateway to qualified candidates. Of course, job boards can provide a glimpse into the available talent pool. The Brilliant team gives you a gateway to qualified information technology, finance, and accounting candidates you are not able to access elsewhere.
  • Knowledge about how to navigate the placement process. After identifying the appropriate professional, the Brilliant team works to ensure the placement process runs smoothly for you and your candidates. Regardless of the economic market, highly skilled information technology or finance and accounting professionals who are the benchmark for their industry are always in demand.

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Brilliantâ„¢ Study Indicates Strong Demand for Accounting, Finance and Information Technology Professi
Brilliantâ„¢ Study Indicates Strong Demand for Accounting, Finance and Information Technology Professi
Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Brilliantâ„¢ CEO and NIU Alum Gives Back with Annual Accountancy Scholarships
Brilliantâ„¢ CEO and NIU Alum Gives Back with Annual Accountancy Scholarships
Friday, September 5, 2014

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