Learn what the market is demanding for accounting, finance, tax, audit, treasury and technology professionals.

The past year has brought unprecedented change for nearly every business, industry and market in the U.S. and abroad. Business leaders are being forced to demonstrate agility and innovation as they navigate through unique changes in their operations.

While some businesses have been impacted more than others, the accounting and finance functions have remained key in helping businesses identify areas to cut costs, forecast revenues, spot inefficiencies and comply with regulatory guidelines. And, technology roles have been instrumental in helping businesses keep their employees, customers, consumers and the public connected.

As a result, accounting and finance professionals’ salaries are expected to remain competitive, and see increases of 1.5% on average, and technology salaries are expected to see an increase of 2% on average, in 2021.

Inside the salary guides, you'll find:

  • A letter from Brilliant President Kathy Spearing
  • Base salaries of all levels for accounting & finance positions
  • Base salaries of all levels for technology roles
  • Brilliant's latest Market Insights report
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  • We considered our figures from last year, current market intel, competitor analysis, Bureau of Labor Statistics, trade research and data from our internal database to calculate the base salaries for 2021
  • We based the information on the Greater Chicago market; the Appendix allows for percentage calculations for other U.S. markets

New This Year!

  • The figures enclosed refer to the low, mid, and high ranges of base salaries expected in the Greater Chicago market in 2021. Company size, experience level, certifications, demand of the role, and other factors, were considered when determining the numbers. To calculate salaries for areas outside of the Greater Chicago market, use the percentages found in the Appendix. For salaries of roles not seen in this guide, contact a Brilliant team member for assistance.