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Employers need to understand the current hiring trends within the accounting, finance and IT arena so they can recruit and retain top talent. This includes knowledge of what the market is commanding for high-quality accounting, finance and IT professionals.

Similarly, it’s important for professionals to understand their worth and what to expect for wages in the coming year. The tightened labor market puts many candidates in position to request at-market or above compensation packets based on their demand.

Each year, Brilliant publishes Salary Guides for accounting & finance and IT positions from entry-level through c-level roles and shares them with employers and job seekers alike.

A sneak peak inside our salary guides... you'll find:

  • Market insight by Brilliant President Kathy Spearing
  • Increased salaries in accounting, finance and IT in 2020
  • Salary figures for the following accounting and finance categories:
    • Director/C-level
    • Corporate Accounting and Finance
    • Operational Accounting
  • Salary figures for the following IT categories:
    • Database Administration
    • Quality Assurance
    • Internet & E-commerce
    • Networking/Telecommunications
    • Security
    • Software Development
    • Technical Services, Help Desk, Technical Support
    • Administration
    • Application Development
    • Consulting & Systems Integration
  • Many of the positions averaged a 1.5% increase over 2019’s figures
  • The figures refer to base salaries and do not factor in bonuses or benefit packages
  • The figures were calculated from Brilliant’s own assignments and placements made each year, along with market research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • New this year! Brilliant included an appendix with percentage breakouts by city and state, so you can calculate salaries in any U.S. market.

Download our 2020 Salary Guides and gain exclusive information about what compensation you can expect for your position in 2020!

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