AP Manager

335407 | Contract

This strong AP Manager has been in Accounts Payable for 20 years with the last 6 years working as a Corporate Assistant Manager. Recent experience includes overseeing a 10-person AP specialist team. Systems experience includes Metaviewer Document Imaging, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Word, D365, Dynamics SL and Excel.

Additional qualifications include:

  • Assisted in tracking KPIs and performance, and addressed team members as needed
  • Managed the team from a coding standpoint and is responsible for ensuring the specialists are coding to the proper GL code, category, etc. Monthly their volume is very high, anywhere from 2000-2500 invoices, and Michele has experience working with international wires and ACH
  • Implemented MS Dynamics 365 from SL including testing, ensuring the AP processes and expenses could be managed and processed as needed
  • Assisted in implementing a new imaging system, bringing them to 85% paperless as compared to prior
  • Created a transportation invoicing system utilizing 365’s capabilities as a high-volume of invoices came from transportation
  • Identified where team members are struggling or need additional training, conferred with manager and took action
  • Identified an area to reconcile $20,000