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At Brilliant, YOU are our most valuable asset. Enhancing your potential, your passion, your performance is part of our mission. Making peoples’ lives better is what Brilliant is all about. That includes your personal life and your career.

Since opening our doors for business in 2009, the on-the-job training we have provided to our colleagues is what sets Brilliant apart from its competition. We strive to be the best in the industry. We established BrilliantU in 2015 as a way to streamline our resources to best educate our rapidly expanding workforce. The rapid five-year growth rate that helped us achieve the No. 1 position on the Crain’s Chicago Business Fast 50 award in 2015, led us from an initial team of 10 to a peak of almost 100 colleagues.

With BrilliantU’s development programs and tools, Brilliant colleagues increase their productivity and ability to contribute to Brilliant’s vision of being the leader in every business, niche and market we serve. With this support and inspiration, our customers and candidates will receive a positive, full-service experience.

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What are the goals of BrilliantU?

Attraction & Retention

BrilliantU creates tools and programs to enhance your working life, empowering you to take pride in customer and candidate relationships. All colleagues will experience high quality training, knowledge and research. BrilliantU unites us as one company, helps us to promote our values and mission to our growing customer and candidate base, and brings the Brilliant brand to life.

Satisfaction & Best Practices

Identifying, sharing and implementing best practices company-wide is an advantage as technical training becomes integrated into the BrilliantU learning management system (LMS) for easy access by all colleagues. Our ability to develop consistent and holistic programs will be vital not only to our customers’ and candidates’ satisfaction, but also to your own fulfillment and, ultimately, to the success of our company. We strive for accomplishment together.

Engagement & Consistency

BrilliantU develops consistent learning and development programs across our businesses. A uniform approach establishes a common set of values for both you and our customers.

Growth, Increased Productivity & Results

BrilliantU plays a fundamental role in all aspects of our growth strategy. BrilliantU is especially important in establishing customer engagement programs, candidate retention programs, and other training and resources for you. The influence of BrilliantU’s tools and programs will be felt across all levels, roles and divisions of our company.

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What are the benefits of BrilliantU?

  • Equips colleagues to meet strategic objectives
  • Increases colleague retention
  • Initiates and supports changes in our organization
  • Creates a common language and standards for the organization
  • Organizes training and develops consistency
  • Develops a common culture, loyalty and belonging to the company
  • Increases colleagues’ ownership and business knowledge
  • Helps us remain competitive in today’s economy

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What does BrilliantU include?

  • Onboard training for new colleagues to introduce them to Brilliant and get them acclimated to their new division, our processes and the tools we use
  • Technical accounting and IT training for newly appointed and experienced colleagues to provide both high-level and in-depth understanding of the types of positions we staff and the toolsets of our candidates
  • Position specific, practical, on-the-job training to provide guidance, advice and practice in the fundamentals of sourcing, phone scripting, handling objections, client visits and interviews
  • Sales and service excellence programs to teach more in-depth aspects of our business
  • Personal and professional development resources in the areas of time management, leadership, teamwork and career enhancement
  • Online tools to help colleagues and their managers organize, track and plan their learning
  • Ultimately, BrilliantU will include your personal online portal to learning opportunities in every area of your job.

Colleague Engagement:

  • Each month Brilliant has a town hall meeting for all colleagues. Time is spent reviewing the company news and delivering business insight for that month.
  • Brilliant Works is a monthly newsletter that is distributed electronically to all internal colleagues on a monthly basis. The newsletter includes: A message from the President, news about Brilliant, upcoming events, the introduction of new colleagues, birthdays, anniversaries, President’s Club standings, marketing news, Florida happenings, colleague shout-outs and lots of photos.
  • In January 2016, we kicked of the year with “Brilliant Flourishing,” our first all-day company-wide event focused around the ideas on inspiration, recognition and fun. The event included guest speakers, divisional skits, awards and entertainment. “Brilliant Thrive” followed in January 2017 with more teambuilding and the inaugural announcement of the winners of the President’s Club awards.
  • All of these tools help ensure that we all, no matter our role or loca¬tion, will hear the same news, develop the same understanding of the Brilliant values, and feel part of one family.

Customer Engagement:

  • Consistent execution of effective customer quality calls (CQC) ensure engagement and sharing with our customers. We strive to have our customers view us as a vital part of their business success rather than mere service suppliers.
  • Training topics such as Being Memorable, Notecards and Referrals, and the Client Visit focus on building and maintaining relationships.
  • Our business development professionals partner with the marketing department to get value-add material such as the annual salary guide or quarterly hiring forecast into the hands of decision makers.
  • In-depth under¬standing leads to longer-term relationships, more opportunities for sales and referrals, and an improvement in our abilities to fulfil our customers’ needs.

Candidate Engagement:

  • Candidate engagement webinars ensure that our candidates view us as their first choice partner in their career.
  • Training topics like career counseling, EQC calls and effective interviewing improve our effectiveness in getting to know our candidates and finding them the right fit.
  • The Talent Resource Manager and the marketing department work together to get value-add material such as the interview guide into the hands of potential candidates.
  • Monthly newsletters designed for our external colleagues and check-in calls from the recruiters to foster communication.
  • The Talent Resource Manager also conducts post-assignment assessments with both our external colleagues and the hiring managers. These assessments provide insight into how our colleague did on the assignment, and how they felt about the client and the position. This knowledge helps us get to know both clients and candidates better for future placements.
  • In-depth under¬standing leads to longer-term relationships, more opportunities for placements and referrals, and an improvement in our abilities to fulfil our candidates’ needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility:
We are involved in many local initiatives that benefit the community.

Individual excellence is at the heart of what makes Brilliant successful. Performance expectations and feedback is incorporated as a regular and consistent part of each person’s relationship with their manager. BrilliantU fosters an environment that encourages each person to understand their own strengths, learning and behavior styles so as to build subsequent learning upon that foundation. Understanding more about the individuals on your team, developing deeper working relationships, and leveraging the strengths within the group are all direct results of consistent, effective communication.

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Current programs we offer

BrilliantU welcomes new colleagues during their first week on the job. In addition to the tactical aspects of tax paperwork and computer access, the onboarding includes:

  • A welcome orientation to the Brilliant mission, vision & values and company organizational structure
  • A marketing orientation highlighting Brilliant awards & recognitions, how the marketing team promotes the Brilliant brand through value-add resources and social media
  • An overview of the employee handbook including key policies like the Brilliant harassment policy and employee benefits like time off, work from home and flex time
  • A high-level review of the insurance and 401k benefits and the respective wait period
  • A review of assessment results taken during the internal hiring process including discussion of the “Top Five” personality traits (Dr. George Watt), learned optimism (Dr. Martin Seligam) and the platinum rule (Dr. Tony Allessandra)
  • An introduction to UltraStaff, our customer relationship management (CRM) and applicant tracking system (ATS) including performing searches, creating new records and uploading information
  • An introduction to the BrilliantU learning portal login and general overview of layout and types of courses they will be enrolled in
  • A divisional overview of Brilliant Financial Search, Brilliant Financial Staffing, Brilliant Management Resources and Brilliant Technology Staffing and Q&A with the Practice Directors

A total business immersion experience for onboarding new hires. Its objective is to take new colleagues and provide them with a view of our vision, mission and values as presented by the senior management team. In addition, we begin the onboarding process by conducting introductory workshops on our internal processes and systems.

A six-month personal mastery course conducted one, half day a month to all colleagues who are willing to commit the time to work on their self-development. We begin with understanding our emotional intelligence and work through programs such as strength finders, Steven Covey workshops, presentation skills, negotiating training, goal setting and planning. Books are assigned to be read and reported on before graduation.

A six-month leadership development course designed for current managers and those identified through our talent management process to be high potential future managers. We cover all the personal development programs included in our Soaring session and add in workshops specific to effective leadership and management.

A sales learning and development program which videotapes "real world" Client visit scenarios performed by all of our Business Development Managers (BDM). Each video is scored by both the BDM and the manager or president. Areas that our reviewed include:

  • Ability to emotionally resonate with the client
  • How well they collaborate
  • How convincing and persuasive they are
  • Closing skills
  • All forms of body language
  • Tonation and use of language
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Research skills

A baseline video is shot and subsequent videos are benchmarked against it.

To learn more about BrilliantU, contact Nicole Ribbens at 312.582.1860 or email

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What is BrilliantU?

BrilliantU is the center for all our learning and development programs and initiatives.


To cultivate a high-impact, learning culture where colleagues embrace BrilliantU as an institute of knowledge to be used and shared passionately with those around them for the betterment of the individual and the organization as a whole.


The program, originally launched in May 2015, as Brilliant University and was rebranded in the spring of 2017 as BrilliantU. The term University is no longer used and is implied by the U within the name.

Ongoing Programs

Every six months we do a skills assessment for all of our colleagues. Based on the results, we schedule quarterly learning opportunity workshops for more tenured colleagues to sit in on to sharpen or refresh existing skills.

BrilliantU Brand Standards

A formal brand standards document is available that includes information on the logo description, favicon description, tagline, colors, fonts, and other usage guidelines when referring to the program.

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Brilliant™ Reports an Increase in the Number of Open Accounting, Finance and IT Positions Moving int
Brilliant™ Reports an Increase in the Number of Open Accounting, Finance and IT Positions Moving int
Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Brilliant™ Expands into Dallas-Fort Worth Labor Market
Brilliant™ Expands into Dallas-Fort Worth Labor Market
Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Brilliant™ Ranks No. 22 on Forbes 2019 List of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms
Brilliant™ Ranks No. 22 on Forbes 2019 List of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms
Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Brilliant Wins ClearlyRated’s 2019 Best of Staffing® Talent Award for Fourth Consecutive Year
Brilliant Wins ClearlyRated’s 2019 Best of Staffing® Talent Award for Fourth Consecutive Year
Thursday, February 7, 2019

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