Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

The latest comments and commentary from our executive leadership team. It’s an interesting world out there, and we have perspectives to share. You’ll hear from Jim Wong, CEO of Brilliant, on issues that directly affect the accounting, finance, and information technology sectors.


SmartBlogs' article, Top Talent Walking Out the Door? Here’s How to Get Them to Stay, identifies a strategy to retain employees by implementing a "stay interview".

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CBS News recommends asking questions during a job interview that directly pertain to your employment to better gauge how satisfied you’ll be with the new position.

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Employee Pay Spikes Nationwide

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CFO Magazine reveals an upturn in salary levels for the last four quarters in some industries. In accounting and finance, we continue to see compensation increasing and the demand for certain levels of accounting and finance professionals.

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An article on Business Insider, The Exact Words to Use When Negotiating Salary, gives pointers on how to negotiate your salary when interviewing for a position. We’d like to take this opportunity to offer some tips of our own on negotiating salaries and the benefits.

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Are we over thinking managing our talent? An article from Forbes raises the question and finds the solution to be quite basic. We couldn’t agree more and find that the most successful managers keep things simple.

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Brilliant™ CEO Jim Wong Gets Featured!
Brilliant™ CEO Jim Wong Gets Featured!
Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our very own CEO Jim Wong, CPA (inactive) appears in American Express/OpenForum's latest article, 8 Successful Business Owners Who Moved Past Their Regrets, and discusses the various mistakes he made — and learned from — before building a successful company.

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