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Are you an accounting, finance or information technology professional looking to switch careers? If so, Brilliant wants you to join our award-winning team! Many of our executive recruiters and business development managers are former hiring managers and accounting, finance and information technology professionals who know the industries inside and out. They have worked in the roles in the past. From a job seeker’s perspective, our team members know the qualifications needed to be successful in a position. From a hiring manager’s eyes, they know what to look for in an individual’s background. Overall, our team knows the ever-changing regulations happening in the market. That’s why we are the best.

We believe in a diverse workplace with team members of all backgrounds and walks of life welcomed. Our inclusive spirit allows our team members to experience a safe environment that sparks innovation, productivity and success. Since we opened our doors—we’ve had a global mindset and we continue to grow that every day.” —Jeff Mariola, President, Brilliant

Mission & Values
Brilliant’s mission is to make people’s lives better and that includes our clients, candidates and colleagues. We’re able to achieve our mission through our core values of Integrity, Job Satisfaction, Service, Accountability, Entrepreneurship and Teamwork.

Our People
Our executive recruiting and business development teams collectively have more than 200 years of experience in the accounting, finance and information technology fields. Many of our team members are former hiring managers and accounting, finance and information technology professionals from the big four accounting firms as well as Fortune 500 companies through small firms. We leverage each of our team member’s unique experience to collaborate and consult with our candidates and clients.

BrilliantU is the center for all our learning and development programs and initiatives for Brilliant team members. BrilliantU creates tools and programs to enhance the working life of our colleagues to empower them to take pride in customer and candidate relationships. All colleagues will experience high-quality training, knowledge and other professional development resources. To learn more, visit the BrilliantU web page here.

At Brilliant, we’re passionate about working hard, exceeding our goals and celebrating successes all while maintaining a fun and fast-paced work environment that keeps our team happy and productive. We are innovative and progressive, and we know how to have fun with friendly team competitions, regular outings, community involvement and more.

Companywide Events
Brilliant kicks off the New Year with a companywide, daylong conference that brings together all of its team members from the various offices and markets. The day is filled with a motivational speeches, team exercises, business presentations, entertainment and more. For a look at this year’s THRIVE event, click here.

President’s Club
Each year, Brilliant President Jeff Mariola hosts a President’s Club Best of the Best Award Gala Weekend for the top performing team members to celebrate their excellence and success. The weekend is filled with a lavish award ceremony along with activities, celebrations and other entertainment. For a peak at the 2016 President’s Club, click here.

If you’re looking for a role in business development, recruiting, management or administration with Brilliant, contact JC Peck by emailing or calling 312.582.1807.


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Colleague Testimonials Colleague Testimonials

“I worked as an accounting professional for more than a decade, however, it wasn’t until I came to work for Brilliant that I realized what I really wanted to do with my career. I work with the most talented individuals and get to help make people’s lives better. That’s why I enjoy coming to work every day.” — Noopur Banerji-McKenna, Business Development Manager, Management Resources

I was in the Finance and Accounting industry for about 10 years. I wanted to utilize my knowledge and skill set to find solutions to complex resource challenges. After over 2 years of working here, I can say that Brilliant has allowed me to thrive in every element of this goal, through the trust and high quality coaching I have received from its leadership team.  — Raj Pillai, Sr. Business Development Manager, Management Resources

“Working at Brilliant has been a great experience for me. I love that I am doing work that provides me with immense satisfaction and purpose. I owe Brilliant an enormous amount of credit for my personal and professional development in the last 3 years.” — Kristy Kass, Payroll and Benefits Coordinator

“At Brilliant, you get the advantage of being able to work alongside high achieving colleagues who are more than willing to share why they have become successful. The true benefit to working alongside such individuals is that we all strive to make peoples’ lives better!” — Elizabeth Stoughton Recruiting Manager, Technology Staffing

“I like working at Brilliant because of the culture that upper management and our teams promote. Everyone wants you to be the best you can be in and outside of work. Our mission is to make peoples’ lives’ better and if you work hard enough, Brilliant can have a ton of great opportunities for you.” — Bridget Walsh, Financial Search Manager


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