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I am a passionate, dedicated and expert recruiter who brings unrivaled experience and expertise to my clients and candidates in the field of accounting and finance throughout the greater Chicago market."

Marc Basil is a Brand Ambassador for Brilliant, and Senior Director of Financial Search, the permanent and direct hire division of Brilliant.

He is a charismatic professional who counsels his clients with his sharp wit and keen knowledge of the staffing and recruiting industry. He has a strong insight into the accounting and finance professions with nearly two decades worth of experience. The Basil Blog is an editorial-based blog from Marc’s point of view on issues affecting his candidate and client base.


4 Ways to Rethink Your Recruiting Strategy in this Talent-Driven Economy

The most recent report concerning the employment picture in the U.S. presented some startling, unprecedented findings: There are now as many open positions as there are unemployed individuals. Compare that number (per Bloomberg) to 2007 (the beginning of the “Great Recession”), when there were “1.9 people” for every opening and it puts it even more into perspective.

What does it all mean?

For starters, there are a lot of organizations competing for high-quality talent right now – and those sought-after individuals are not only hard to find, but they’re maintaining the upper hand throughout the whole interviewing and hiring process.

So much so, that organizations are having to remodel their plans to hire talent for their teams, since in the current market talent is so hard to come by.

To help mitigate this unprecedented landscape, I thought I’d offer the following 4 Ways to Rethink Your Recruiting Strategy in this Talent-Driven Economy.

1. Redefine your recruiting strategy.
Sophisticated candidates are evaluating the company just as much as the company is evaluating the candidate. With that, “interviewing for exercise” to “see what is out in the market” is no longer a viable option for organizations. Instead, the key stakeholders should have a very clear understanding of what the responsibilities will include, what the growth track will look like, etc., before going to market to ensure there is a clear, cohesive recruiting message.

2. Streamline the interview process.
One of the biggest challenges job seekers find with the recruiting process utilized by most organizations today is the time involved. Given that most candidates are gainfully employed, a process involving countless rounds of interviews will typically result in candidates accepting another offer before a decision is reached. It is in the hiring company’s best interest to have the most efficient process possible, from the application to the number of interviews to the extension of an offer.

3. Be ready to sell.
Candidates want to be excited about the company – what makes this organization special? What is the path for growth to future opportunities within the company? Why should a job seeker work here versus the other organizations they are talking with? From the compensation and benefits, to the “softer” attributes (working from home, flexible schedules, etc.) – candidates want to understand why this organization stands and what sets it apart from the rest.

4. Think creatively.
In an ideal world, the hiring company can identify a candidate who “checks off each and every box” pertaining to requirements. Unfortunately, holding out for the “perfect” candidate will typically drag out the interview process. The most successful companies focus on culture and attributes which are less tangible and have confidence that the right hire is trainable and will quickly pick up on the nuances of the specific industry, software, etc.

What are your thoughts hiring talent when the demand is so high and the supply is so low? Sound off in the comment section below.

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Early in his career, Marc built a solid relationship with now key leaders at Brilliant and was able to foster those relationships for many years, joining the company in early 2010, shortly after the firm opened its doors.

Because of the continued guidance from former CEO Jim Wong and current President Kathy Spearing – coupled with the opportunity to make people’s lives better each day– Marc stays compelled in his role as Senior Director of Brilliant Financial Search. Basil says, “I’m incredibly impressed with the running of the business. That, and the opportunity to work with our great clients, candidates and colleagues are what keeps me here.”

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  • He listens
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Working with Marc has been great. He helped me obtain the position that was right for me and my skills. Marc is open and honest with his recruits and is an effective communicator. He knows how to get the job done right because he stays organized and is knowledgeable about the job market. Most of all he is friendly and easy to work with. I would, and have done so on many occasions, recommended Marc as a recruiter you can trust to find the right opportunity for you.A Happy Staff Accountant

During my recent search, I worked with a few recruiters. However, none held the expertise nor prepared me for the interview as well as Marc did. Marc's initial meeting asked all the right questions to get me into roles where there was mutual interest. Marc was able to coach me through the process to present myself to my strengths as well as the hiring managers’ needs. It is truly a pleasure working with Marc, and I would be happy to work with him in the future.A Happy Senior Financial Analyst

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He’s an avid runner. He’s ran multiple races, including a marathon, and runs 5 miles home from work every day.

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He enjoys good wine. His favorites are Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.


His relationship with his in-laws is like a TV sitcom. They don’t speak English, and he doesn’t speak Spanish.


Marc was born and raised on the northwest side of Chicago – he is not a “suburban” guy.


Marc is a middle child of two sisters and two brothers.

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